Apple Released iOS 8 beta 5 to the Developers

iOS 8 beta 5

iOS 8 is the new Apple operating system with many new features. Yesterday Apple released iOS 8 beta 5 update to the developers as an updated version of iOS 8 with many new features and with some error fixes

New Updates of iOS 8 beta 5 Release

  • Those idevices running on iOS 8 beta 5 will prompts when the device access messages
  • Change the interface and redesigned the icons in iCloud section
  • The Health app on iOS 8 also changed in iOS 8 beta 5. Apple redesigned the icons and add new method to export data on Health app to the other idevices
  • iCloud photo library is the awesome app in iOS 8. Apple add some new options in it with iOS 8 updated¬†version. You can store original and high resolution photoes in iCloud photo library now
  • Apple has been updated the new app HealthKit into Spirometry type
  • They add new option called Predictive into iOS 8 key boards on iOS 8 beta 5. It let you to use the keyboards very quickly and easily
  • You can make calls to the supported carriers with iOS 8 (beta 5) version using new calling method Wi-Fi Calling

iOS 8 beta 5 Release by Apple