Evasi0n7 – Download Cydia on your iPhone 5S running on iOS 7.0.6

evasion7 download (1) Now you can download cydia to your iphone 5Srunning on iOS 7.0.6. You can use evasi0n7 1.0.8 new jailbreak tool for jailbreak your iphone 5S. Evasi0n7 is an free, untethered jailbreak tool that developed by evad3rs. Confirmed the iOS version is iOS 7.0.6 through Settings → General → About → Version. If you are not, update the iOS version into 7.0.6.  Then you can download cydia and install cydia on your iphone 5S. Evasi0n7

When you jailbreak your iphone 5S with evasi0n7

  • Your device will free – When you jailbreak your iphone 5S, you can fully control your device.
  • Cydia Download – When you jailbreak your iphone 5S with evasi0n7 it will automatically download cydia on it. Then you can enjoy free apps on cydia such as themes, tweaks those are non available on Apple app store.
  • Unlock iphone 5S – Jailbreak with evasi0n7 will open the doors to unlock your iphone 5S. So that you can use it with any GSM service provider world wide.
  • Empower your iphone 5S – After jailbreak your iphone 5S, it works as a wifi hotspot, puts your e-mail and calenders on home screen, enable you to download you tube videos straightly and enable to share your internet connection.
  • Fast and easy – Once you follow evasi0n7 jailbreak proceed step by step correctly, you can jailbreak your iphone 5S with in few minutes.
  • Increase resale value – You can sell your iphone 5S for a higher price than a non jailbroken iphone 5S.
  • 100% Revesible – If you want to get the original settings on your iphone 5S, you have to simply restore the iphone 5S. That will remove cydia and jailbreak software from your iphone 5S.
  • 100% Legal – Jailbreaking idevices is legal in United States under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

How to Download and Install Cydia on your iPhone 5S with Evasi0n7 – iOS 7.0.6

  1. Download evasi0n7 1.0.8 to your computer

    button_windows            button_macosx

  2. Get the evasion7.exe and run it as administrator
  3. Connect your iphone 5S to the computer
  4. When evasi0n7 detects iphone 5S, click jailbreak buutton to start Download cydia
  5. After the process complete, open the Cydia icon to install cydia to the iphone
  6. Enjoy Cydia

Evasi0n7 compatible operating systems

  • Windows ( XP minimum )
  • Mac OS X ( 10.7 minimum )

Before start evasi0n7 jailbreak, Ckeck these requirements

  • Update latest iTunes
  • Back up your iphone 5S via iTunes
  • Remove all pass codes and security codes on iphone

While the jailbreaking process

  • Simply follow the instructions inform by evasi0n7 for download cydia successfully
  • Don’t do any operations on iphone 5S while jailbreaking
  • If the process get stuck somewhere, restart the programme. Reboot the device to return the process

Jailbreak your iphone 5S with evasi0n7 – Video guide