Download & Update Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

The Apple Watch received its first official software update today as Watch OS 1.0.1. The Apple Watch depends upon an iPhone to download the update from Apple’s servers and install it on the Watch. Your Apple Watch charger percentage must be at least 50% battery life in order to do the update.

update os 1.0.1

How to download & install Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and go to General > Software Update > Download and Install. Then Tap Agree on the terms and conditions of the Watch OS 1.0.1 update

Once the download Watch OS 1.0.1 is complete, The app will not begin the software update process until your Watch is in range, connected to the charger, and at 50% or greater power.

Apple Watch will reboot couple of times during this Watch OS 1.0.1 update process, So please be patient.  After the Apple Watch OS update is complete, Watch will reboot automatically.

iWatch – The most personal Apple device

According to the Apple company iwatch is their most personal idevice at the moment. The developers have been released this amazing device as three collections and two sizes. They have been developed this Apple watch for normal use, sports watch and gold edition. Those watch editions are available in 38 mm and 42 mm. Apple watch sports edition is lowest in cost and they are around $ 349 and gold editions are much as $ 17,000. There are some differences between the materials they are made. The normal Apple watch made in Aluminium and it’s good to rough use


They released this iwatch in 24th April 2015 mainly in United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany and some other European countries. On this time iwatch is famous among the Apple lovers. You also enable to order this Apple watch now from the developers

iWatch OS and Jailbreak iWatch

Apple watch supports since iOS 8.2 and upper Apple OS updates. At the moment Apple has been released iOS 8.3 to the public as their last iOS update. So you can update iwatch into iOS 8.2 or iOS 8.3 yet. Apple released some beta downloads of iOS 8.4 now. So they will release iOS 8.4 in the near future and then you can upgrade your Apple watch up to iOS 8.4 through the OTA download as same as you upgrade other Apple devices

If you are a cydia lover, you can jailbreak your iwatch with a suitable jailbreak method to iOS version running on. But still there are no any supported tool to install cydia on iOS 8.2 or iOS 8.3. Because of that you have to wait for a compatible tool to download cydia on iwatch. We can have a hope on iOS 8.4 jailbreak, because Steffan Esser has been released an youtube video which shows jailbroken iOS 8.4 beta releases. Follow us for more information

Apple released iOS 8.3

Apple just released iOS 8.3 latest Apple OS update to the public with many more new featured apps and additions in it. You can upgrade your idevices now upto new iOS download through the iOS 8.3 OTA download. This is the latest Apple firmware that released with new features in iMessaging, amoji, siri apps, wireless carplay, latest Google verification methods, new languages and more other improvements

iOS 8.3

Download iOS 8.3 compatible to install on all idevices after iphone 4S including iphone 6 and iphone 6+. This new iOS update included new iwatch app too. Any how the developers have been released their latest operating system update before the guessed date. You can install iOS 8.3 using iTunes and check whether it is suitable for you or not

iOS 8.3 Jailbreak

There are no any supported jailbreak update even to the beta updates yet. So if you upgrade the devices into iOS 8.3, you will unable to jailbreak them and install cydia on your devices. So if you are a cydia lover, you have to wait for a suitable iOS 8.3 jailbreak tool. If you need to install cydia on your Apple devices you have to downgrade your idevices into jailbreak compatible iOS update

Latest Features in iOS 8.3 Updated Apple OS

iOS 8.3 is the latest iOS version that would be release in near future. Apple has been released four beta updates of iOS 8.3 few days ago. So we hope to check what are the updates and improvements in iOS 8.3 according to the iOS 8.3 beta downloads

Featured Apple Car Play

Apple car play is one of the best features in last iOS updates. But you have to use an USB cable to connect your iphone, ipad or ipod to the vehicle. With iOS 8.3, you enable to connect the device to the computer through wi-fi. No need cables or any other. Now it’s going to be wireless carplay app with iOS 8.3




Siri is now more developed in calling. In earlier iOS versions, siri unable to turn on the speakers before or while calling. In iOS 8.3 siri enable to turn on the speakers while calling and enable to get the speaker calls successfully.

Apple Emoji



Apple added new emotions in Apple emoji. They’ve been added many new attractive emoji pictures in it. It’s included family emoji pictures, couple emoji pictures, various skin tones emojis and more new pictures

Other improvements on iOS 8.3

They also added some new laguages and countries into siri. India, Thai, swedish, Netherlands, Dutch, Turkish and more. Now you can new updated keyboards on iOS 8.3 download. It’s easy to use than ever. Appearance and features in iOS 8.3 keyboards are improven. It also fetured with the new app called Conversation list filtering. Google two step verification also available on this latest iOS 8.3 version

Still they’ve not mentioned the date when Apple release iOS 8.3 to the public. But we can guess that they will be release iOS 8.3 download around 24th April. Because Apple ready to release Apple watch in 24th of April 2015. Follow us for get new updates quickly on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Book mark us and visit us for latest iOS updates.

iOS 8.3 beta 4 Released for the Developers and iOS 8.3 beta 2 Released to the Public

iOS 8.3 beta 4 - jailbreak iOS 8.3


Apple has been released iOS 8.3 beta 4 download to the developers and iOS 8.3 beta second download to the public today. Now Apple users enable to download iOS 8.3 beta fourth version to their devices through the OTA update. Click here for download links. You have to use an Apple developers portal to get iOS 8.3 beta 4 on any iphone, ipad or ipod

iOS 8.3 beta 2 download can be downloaded now through the OTA update too. No need to connect to the developers center. If you need iOS 8.3 for your idevice, you can get it now. It supported to later devices from iphone 4S and ipad mini. Both updates released with the Apple watchKit app, featured iMessaging, Emoji, Apple car play, Chinese Apple pay apps and supports on Google two step verification

iOS 8.3 Jailbreak ( iOS 8.3 beta 4 Jailbreak )

iOS 8.3 beta downloads released to the build number 12F5061. No jailbreak team enable to update their tools yet to get cydia on beta downloads of iOS 8.3. So still no one enable to download cydia on iOS 8.3. Follow us for latest iOS updates. Enjoy iOS 8.3 beta downloads