Untethered iOS 7.1 Jailbreak to Download Cydia not released yet

7.1 jailbreak

Apple released iOS 7.1 – 7.1.1 few weeks ago. It supports iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad, iPod Touch 5g, 3rd gen Apple TV and 2nd gen Apple TV. But there is no any untethered tool for iOS 7.1 jailbreak yet.


It is the knot. There’s no any tool yet for Download and Install cydia with iOS 7.1 – iOS 7.1.1 untetheredly. We know about more jailbreak tools to Download cydia on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models running on iOS 7.0.6 and early iOS versions. You can untethered jailbreak them successfully. Those developers unable to design or update their tools to iOS 7.1 jailbreak untetheredly.

 Geeksn0w for 7.1 Jailbreak

Geeksn0w is the only tool for iOS 7.1 jailbreak until today. But it is a tethered tool and only compatible with iPhone 4. You can Download cydia on your iPhone 4 using Geeksn0w developed by blackgeektuto. You’ve to connect your iPhone 4 to the computer and reboot it with Geeksn0w when it’s resprings again and again. Learn how to Download cydia on iOS 7.1 running iPhone 4 with Geeksnow.

Download Geeksn0w for Windaows

Download geeksn0w for Mac

Evasi0n7, evad3rs team also unable to developed a compatible jailbreak tool for Download cydia on iOS 7.1 yet. Because Apple patched evasi0n7 to iOS 7.1 jailbreak  and iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak. You can jailbreak your iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5g running on iOS 7.0 – 7.0.6 with evasi0n7 successfully. The pod2g of evad3rs team, said that evad3rs working hard to design evasi0n7 new untethered 7.1 jailbreak tool for Download cydia on iOS 7.1 – 7.1.1. We can expect about evad3rs to jailbreak iOS 7.1.

Jailbreak your iOS 7.0 – 7.0.6 running iDevices with evasi0n7 now

Download evasi0n7 for Windows

Download evasi0n7 for Mac

And this is the most important news for iOS 7.1.1 users and who are waiting for iOS 7.1 jailbreak. It is cyberelevat0r developed by i0n1c. This is the new iOS 7.1.1 untethered jailbreak tool. It compatible with many new Apple idevice models such as iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Cyberelevat0r hasn’t releasey yet. Anyone didn’t mentioned the Cyberelevat0r release date. But we can expect it will release in near future. Learn more about Cyberelevat0r

iOS 7.1.1 running iPhone 4 – Semi Untethered Jailbreak with Geeksn0w 2.9


Geeksn0w 2.9 semi untethered jailbreak for Download cydia is now available with iOS 7.1.1 running iPhone 4. You can jailbreak your iphone 4 semi untetheredly using Windows OS running computer. Geeksn0w 2.9 developed by blackgeektuto.

NOTE : Geeksn0w 2.9 semi untethered jailbreak only compatible with iPhone 4 and only available for Windows operating systems.

iOS 7.1.1 Semi untethered jailbreak with Geeksn0w 2.9 – Compatible devices

  • iPhone 4 GSM
  • iPhone 4 Rev A
  • iPhone 4 CDMA

Before start Geeksn0w 2.9 semi untethered jailbreak, Follow the steps given below

Download Geeksn0w 2.9



iOS 7.1.1 Semi untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4 using Geeksn0w – Step by step guide

  1. Download Geeksn0w into your computer
  2. Install JDK, MS.NET and 7.1.1 IPSW to the computer
  3. Update iPhone 4 with latest iTunes
  4. Remove all pass codes and back up iPhone 4 via iTunes. Then connect iPhone 4 to the computer
  5. Get Geeksn0w.exe and run it as administrator
  6. Enter your iPhone 4 into DFU mode before start the process
  7. Click Jailbreak button to start Download cydia
  8. When Geeksn0w inform, enter iPhone 4 into DFU mode several times. Do it
  9. Wait until complete the several reboots
  10. Open the Cydia icon to Install cydia on iPhone 4


iOS 7.1.1 – iPhone 4 Semi untethered Jailbreak using Geeksn0w 2.9 – Video Tutorial

 Special credits to Blackgeektuto

Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 for Download Cydia Untetheredly

jailbreak iOS 7.1.1


Apple has been released iOS 7.1 – 7.1.1 before few months. But there are no any jailbreak tool for Download cydia on iOS 7.1 untetheredly. Evasi0n7 also incapable to promote any  jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 tool compatible with iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1.

If someone said that there is any untethered jailbreak tool for download cydia with iOS 7.1 – 7.1.1 untetheredly, It is an astraying you. Because there is no any untethered option to jailbreak iOS 7.1.1.

But there is a good news from pod2g of evad3rs team. He declared about an untethered  jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 tool for iOS 7.1 – 7.1.1 from evad3rs team. So we can expect with them. It will be release soon.


Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 with Geeksn0w Tetheredly

You can jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 on your iPhone 4 running on iOS 7.1 using Geeksn0w 2.9 developed by winocm. This tool is totally free and now available with both Mac and Windows OS. But this is a tethered jailbreak tool, so you can’t use this easier as Evasi0n7 or Redsn0w. You must fulfil all other requirements before use Geeksn0w jailbreak.

Download Geeksn0w for Mac

Download Geeksn0w for Windows

If you Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 your iphone 4 with Geeksn0w, you have to connect it to the computer when it resprings. You have to use this tool at your own risk.

Geeksn0w Jailbreak – Walkthrough

  • Update latest iTunes
  • Install Java Development Kit to your computer
  • Download Geeksn0w 2.9 to your computer
  • Connect iphone 4 to computer via USB cable
  • Get geeksn0e.exe and run it as administrator
  • Click Jailbreak button when Geeksn0w detects iphone 4
  • Follow guide lines in Geeksn0w 2.9
  • Now iphone 4 will successfully jailbreak and Download cydia on it
  • After the process open cydia icon to Install cydia

Before start the Geeksn0w jailbreak process

NOTE : Geeksn0w 2.9 is tethered and compatible with only iPhone 4. Bacup your iphone 4 and disable all pass codes before the jailbreak process.

Geeksn0w 2.9  for Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 – Video Tutorial


iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac – The Most Strange iOS ever

iOS 8

iOS 8 is the most converesed topic since last week. It is the new iOS version that designed by Apple. Apple promote iOS 8 at their annual meeting WWDC ( WorldWide Developers Conference ) 2014. So, there are many wonderful, strange and very usable apps with iOS 8. Let’s see them.


Save your worthy memories with iOS 8

If you use a iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, You have more and more photographs and videos of your favourite occasions. It’s inevitable. iOS 8 knows that. So Apple has been redesigned the Photos app as you want. Now you can store your favourite and memorable photos and videos with iOS 8.

iCloud Photo Library

iOS 8

Be with your loving memories, with your loving ones, visit your favourite places and enjoy your most interested situations with photos and videos anytime and anywhere you want. With iOS 8 new Photos app you enable to view photos in iCloud Photo Library anytime you want to see them. You can view them on your iphone, ipad, ipod touch or your Mac.

If you set your iDevice once to store photos and videos in iCloud Photo Library, It automatically stores all photos and videos on your idevice. There is an advantage for you when you use the iCloud Photo Library. You can fill your iCloud Photo Library with photos and videos, without fill your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.

Access iCloud Photo Library. It’s safe, easy and faithful way to store your photos. It will never change the resolution of your photos or it’ll never damage them  in any manner. You can get those photos and videos with their original standard. You will get free storage up to 5GB  in iCloud Photo Library.

Customize your iCloud Photo Library Account

You can customize your photos and videos in iOS 8 iCloud Photo Library as you like. You will able to organize them in to collections,  Years, Moments, Occasions . Get this feature on your iphone, ipad, ipod touch and Mac. You can mark special photos and videos, create albums and you can change their order too.

Edit Photos in iCloud Photo Library

iOS 8

Edit your photos with iOS 8 as you want. iCloud Photo Library save them quickly. You can view those edited photos using another iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac. If you want to convert back them into original one, you can do it. When your photos are not perfect, you can appoint them into perfect photographs with new iOS 8  Photos app. Carry on it using your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac.

Adjust the Photos

iOS 8

Now we got a useful and time saving feature with new iOS 8 Photos app. Let’s adjust lightning, brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows and more in photos, using Filters and Tools designed by Apple. Those filters and tools will help to make your photos standard. Select and create with Apple designed filters and tools to edit your photos.

Find your photos and videos easily

You can find your photos and videos in iOS 8 iCloud Photo Library easier than before. You can search them by location, year, date, album name, occasion or time from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac. iOS 8 guide you to search them as Nearby, One year ago, Favourites, Home etc. You will enable to edit, ordered, create albums and share them with iCloud Photo Library. It’s simple and quick than ever. You can access it with any iDevice.


iOS 8 Messages – Attractive and Funny messaging

Use iOS 8 Message app. Sure, It will change your mind about messaging. There are many new features in iOS 8 Message app. It let you to Add your voice into the messages, Send videos quickly, Share your location in messages, see all attachments at once and send photos and videos quickly with messages. It will be useful, amazing and funny messaging experience.

Let’s talk through Messages

iOS 8

Simply tap the record button in iOS 8 Message app. You enable to send a song, send your voice or any other sound as a message. So now you can talk each other via iOS 8 Messaging.

Send Photos and Videos via Messages

You can send photos and videos with iOS 8 Message app. It’s quick and easy. This is a wonderful new feature to all in messaging. Tap the camera icon and select photos or videos that you want to send. Simply give send. You can send both photos and videos on messaging at once.

Chat with all at once

Chat with more person in one conversation. In iOS 8, You can easily connect to the conversation when you want and you can easily leave it when you want.

Share your Location

iOS 8

In iOS 8 Messaging, You can add your location into the conversation. When you use it in messaging, it will show your location with a Map.

See all attachments

There is a new sign in iOS 8 Message app. It will let you to see all attachments in messages at once. So it’s easy to find any photo or video in messages.


Share Details with iOS 8

Use texts, mails, invitations and reminders easily. You let got them in second and reply them without leaving other apps you working on. You’ll able to Reply quickly to messages, Accept or decline invitations, Get emails and Mark reminders without leaving an app.

There is a shortcut to chat with your loving and favourite ones. While you using an app, press home button twice, you can see the faces of your loving and favourite ones. Just tap them for a call, message or video call.

Time Saving Features

iOS 8

You can drag your drafts to emails. You enable to copy and paste a text to emails from another app. You can get a phone number in emails easily.

You have to just tap the calendars to add events and just tap the phone numbers to add them to contacts.

Swipe emails right to mark them as unread. Swipe emails left for more options such as Flag, Move to a folder, Trash and More.

Safari Features on iPad

iOS 8

Now we are able to get Safari features on iPad too. It’s let us to see web sites on iPad and see all sites in one place. We can slide out the new slidebar to view bookmarks, reading lists and shared links. It’s easy to manage.


Smartest KeyBoard

iOS 8

These are the amazing keyboards ever. iOS 8 KeyBoards will know What you would like to say, What’s your writing style, What the conversation is about and To whom you are messaging. It’s always private, Those data kept only in your iDevice. When you are messaging, you will see the words and phrases you want to type next. It will let you to write more sentences with few simple taps.

Fourteen Countries and Languages

iOS 8

iOS 8 Text engine has been updated within 14 languages of 14 countries. You will able to see the related words and phrases to your texts that used in your country. iOS 8 KeyBoard will learn that how you communicate, your writing style and your most usable words and phrases. So it will suggest your text. It makes you more comfortable.


Family Sharing

iOS 8

Family sharing is a new app in iOS 8. It will be a very fresh experience to all. It will let you to be with your family members every moment. Up to six in one family can purchases with iTunes, iBooks and AppStore without sharing accounts. Once you get the Family sharing app, you’ll be able to share photos, videos, movies, TV shows, you can well organize your family with Family calendar and it let you to help each other.

Family Album

Let’s make a photos collection of your family using iOS 8 new Family sharing app. All family members able to subscribe with this Family Album. All family members can view this on their iDevices.

Family Calendar

iOS 8

iOS 8 Family Sharing app promote new feature. It’s a great opportunity for all of us. You can share a Family Calendar among your family. Every member in your Family sharing account can add events and add reminders to this calendar. So now you can organize your family events without any mess in iOS 8 Family Sharing.

Covered your Family

It will share your current location automatically with your family members. It shows you where they are now and it shows them where you are now. If you want to hide your location from others, simply tap to hide.

Find your iDevice

You can find lost idevices of your family members. It is easier now. Family members can help to find the device with My Phone app. Family members can use their devices to decide the location of lost idevice. And they can have it play a sound even if the ringer is turned off.

Be a good guy with Family Sharing

iOS 8

If you want do something or if you want to buy something ask for permission from your parents. Now you can do it in Family Sharing. Just sent a request with a simple tap. With this feature you will enable to pay for family purchases with a single credit card.


iCloud Drive

iOS 8

This is very valuable opportunity for you. You can store any kind of file with iCloud Drive app. It’s let you free. Don’t be distress. It’s safe. You can store PDFs, images, videos, documents, presentations, text files or anything with iCloud Drive. Simply drag files to iCloud Drive to upload them. You can access iOS 8 iCloud Drive on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Windows 8 running pc also any where. Time is not matter.

Edit and Transit files with iCloud Drive

You can edit your files in iCloud Drive and you can access them with any iphone, ipad, ipod touch or Mac. This is another feature in iCloud Drive. You can start a work in one app and you can finish it with another app. As a example, you can start to write something in one app. If you want to colour it, you can drag it into another app. This will also make you more easier.


Health – Gathering of Fitness Data

healthkit iOS 8

It gives you a dashboard of your Health and Fitness information. It’s easy to read and easy to understand. It called HealthKit. It is a app which all health and fitness apps work together. It shows you data related with Heart rate, Calories burned, Blood sugar, Cholesterol. It collecting all data about health and fitness. It will give you a overview of your health. It’s easy to read. There are lists of different data, managed by Health and Fitness. If you want to learn them more, just tap them.


Work Together with iPhone, iPad and Mac

iOS 8

Now you can work together with your iPhone, iPad and Mac. It’s now easier and quickly than before. This called Handoff. You can start some work on your iPhone and you can pick it up to your Mac and finish it on your Mac or iPad. It will happen automatically when your all devices signed in same iCloud Drive account. You can use Handoff with your most useful apps like mail, safari, messages, reminders, calendars and contacts.

Make calls on iPad or Mac

You can make calls and answer calls on iPad or Mac. When your phone rings, you can answer it with your iPad or Mac. You have click or swipe the notification to answer, ignore or send an instant message. Make calls on iPad or Mac also easy now. You have to tap or click numbers in contacts, calendar or safari to make calls.

Send Messages on iPad or Mac

With iOS 8 you are able to send any kind of text messages from your iPad or Mac. It let you to send text messages and picture messages from iPad and Mac easier.

Work together without Wi-Fi

Now you can connect your iPhone, iPad and Mac together even there’s no Wi-Fi or other internet connection. When your devices are close by you can let them into a personal HotSpot. You can select items you need to connect with personal hotspot with this Instant HotSpot Feature.


OS X Yosemite – Apple’s new Updated OS X with Powerful Apps and Amazing Features

OS X Yosemite-900-80

Apple unveiled the new version of Mac OS X at WWDC 2014. This new Mac OS X 10.10 named “Yosemite“. Yosemite is a redesigned,  updated powerful new version of OS X with a pleasant new look. There are many amazing new apps and awesome features. It’s making across Mac and iOS devices. Yosemite is available for developers and it will be generally free.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering said, They engineer on their platforms, services and devices together, so they are able to create a seamless experiences for thier users across all their products that is unparalleled in the industry. It’s something only Apple can deliver.

As a result, They unveiled OS X Yosemite. The redesigned, refined with a new look. Which is so clearer, smarter and easier to understand with more apps and features.

Handoff – Swipe the activities with Yosemite

The new feature on Mac OS X Yosemite called Handoff will able users to start an activity on one Apple device and pass it to another Apple device via swipe. As a example you’re viewing a web page on Mac. With OS X Yosemite Handoff, You can open the same page on your ipod touch simply swipe up on the lock screen.

AirDrops – Transit the files

The new updated OS X 10.10 Yosemite will let users to deliver files with AirDrops From Apple devices to Mac desktops and laptops. You can simply swipe the files from one idevice to another idevice with OS X Yosemite AirDrops.

Translucency – Find apps quickly in Yosemite

There is a new feature in Yosemite, named Translucency. The translucent display will also appear on the apps doc. This is similar to the App tray on iOS. You will be able to find missed apps in Notification Center for opening apps directly from the notifications pulldown with Translucency.

Today View – Get a glance look to Mac

This is another awesome feature in Yosemite. It calls Today view. It provides a glance look at apps at apps like iCalendar, Weather, Stocks, Reminders, World Clock and social networks. You can download other apps additional with OS X Yosemite Today view from Mac App Store.

Dark Mode – Organic visual transition

Apple designed another new feature for OS X Yosemite Dark mode. It provides organic visual transition between Apps and Windows. Dark mode let users to Dark gray menu bars on desktop. This feature helps more with the apps like iCalendar and Maps.

Spotlight – Enjoy new search bar

OS X Yosemite desktop get featured with new Spotlight. This spotlight able users to active a large, clear search box in the middle of desktop. The function of this OS X Yosemite Spotlight feature is similar to swipe – down search in iOS. Spotlight include the Wikipedia, Maps, App Store, iTunes Store, Bing, iBooks Store, web search results, news and movies too.

MailDrop – Send easy mails with Yosemite

The mail tool in Apple also has been updated. The new redesigned mail tool called MailDrop. You can easily send large videos, images, files up to 5GB using OS X Yosemite Maildrop to any mail address. All mail users can access it.

Mark up – Edit mails

Now the OS X 10.10 users can draw, write or edit the notes, documents or any attachment in mails. You can edit any document in mails quickly and easily. This feature is OS X Yosemite Mark up.