SemiRestore7 Download – Restore iOS 5.0 to iOS 7.0.6 running iPhone, iPad or iPod

semirestore7 SemiRestore7 is the best tool for restore any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 5.0 through iOS 7.0.6 without losing their jailbroken conditions. It developed by CoolStar. Semi restore will uninstall all cydia apps and tweaks. But it furthermore works as a jailbroken iDevice. SemiRestore will fixes host file issues. You won’t able to Upgrade or Downgrade the is version with Semi restore and it won’t fix broken system files.

When you restore your iDevices via iTues, it will vanish the jailbroken status and Upgrade the iOS version into iOS 7.1. Then you will not be able to jailbreak it without downgrade the iOS version. So SemiRestore7 is the best way to restore your iDevice. Download semirestore is now available for Windows XP (minimum) and Linux 64 bit.

Download SemiRestore7 for restore any iDevice now

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Semi Restore Process will enable with

  • Remove all third party Cydia apps and tweaks
  • Remove all users data
  • Fixes Host file issues, Activation issues, iMessage and Facetime issues
  • You’ll be able to Reinstall cydia

Semi Restore Process won’t enable with

  • It doesn’t Upgrade or Downgrade the iOS version
  • Can’t jailbreak your iDevice
  • Can’t fix broken system files

SemiRestore7 Download Screenshot


Restore any iDevice using SemiRestore7 – Step by step guide

  1. Open new folder called Pwnage on the desktop
  2. Download SemiRestore7 into the Pwnage folder and get the semirestore.exe
  3. Run it as administrator
  4. Connect the iDevice to the computer
  5. Click OK button on the dialogue box and Tap Semi-Restore button to continue
  6. Stay until finish several reboots and complete the restore process
  7. Finally click the close button to complete the Semi restore process

Restore iDevices with SemiRestore7 – Video guide


Important – Before use SemiRestore7

  • SemiRestore7 for Mac OS X not available yet
  • Windows users must update iTunes and install OpenSSH and MS.Net before start the process
  • 64 bit Linux users must install libimobiledevice, GTK 3 and libssh2 before start the process
  • Backup your iDevice
  • Deactivate all iTunes and iOS related processes on your idevice

Thanks to

  • CoolStar
  • pod2g
  • evad3rs
  • winocm
  • iH8Sn0w
  • SquiffyPwn