Top Latest Cydia Tweaks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

When you jailbreak your iphone, ipad or ipod touch, it will automatically download cydia on it. Cydia is a software application for iOS which is allows jailbroken Apple idevices such as iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Cydia developed by Jay Freeman and his company ( Saurik ). If you download cydia you can browse lots of applications, software packages, themes, cydia  tweaks, ring tones, etc.  So you can Download tweaks by cydia. In this article, you can get some information about latest cydia tweaks.

iMusicshare cydia tweak

This is a music sharing experience which unavailable on iOS. You can share the songs you are currently playing directly from Notification Center, without using any other app or without multiple actions. iMusicShare comes with an awesome mini player. So you can share and control music from Notification Center. This is a customizable cydia tweak. You can change the playing order and controls widgets. You can enable, disable or change it’s interface using WinterBoard themes. Enjoy your music experience on iOS by Downloading iMusicShare now. NotificationCenter can be configured from the Settings app, in the Notifications panel.

cydia tweak 1

ScreenshotPlus cydia tweak

This is a cydia tweak for pre-cropped screenshots. You can select the area which you want to capture. Use Activator to assign to enter “screenshot mode”, where you pick exactly what to screenshot. So no need to crop later. You can configure it from Settings. Configure action from Activator Settings.

cydia tweak 2

AptBackup cydia tweak

This applications which should make it a lot easier and faster to reinstall your favorite jailbreak apps. AptBackup doesn’t actually create a backup of the native iPhone apps, instead it creates a list of all the Cydia-installed iPhone apps on your iPhone and takes a backup of this list via iTunes which is later restored after the firmware update. It uses this list of all the Cydia-installed iPhone applications that was backed up to re-install all the applications automatically.

cydia tweak 3

Homescreen Assistant cydia tweak

It will adds an assistant to your springboard that inform you about the current weather conditions, location, forecast, battery level, time etc. Homescreen Assistant have antipiracy measures, so cracked versions are unlikely to work.

cydia tweak 4

Mobius cydia tweak

Mobius is a best cydia tweak which brings us to infinite scroll to iOS springboard and the folders in it. It lets users continually swipe through their iOS pagesYou can Download mobius cydia tweak easily and launch the scroll till the end. It’s available for iOS 7.

cydia tweak 5

tsProtector P cydia tweak

tsProtector P will protect your system files from AppStore apps. You can allow or block any apps from accessing system files. An alert will pop up when an app tries to access system files. Note that not all applications attempt to access system files in tsProtector P. Configure tweak options from Settings app. No icon is added to the home screen.

cydia tweak 6

Axis cydia tweak

Axis gives you quick and convenient access to favorite apps straight from the lock screen. Simply slide the lock screen grabber left to reveal your Axis. then tap the app you want to open. Set your custom app grabbers via the Axis Settings where you’ll find a wide variety of apps, which each have their own tailor made app grabber icon. If you have a passcode set, don’t fret. Your apps are secure with a custom passcode input prompt. Configure options from Settings.

cydia tweak 7

iTransmission 4 cydia tweak

If you like to download games, movies or any other files on your idevice, The most popular method to download from the internet is torrents. If you want to download games or movies or anything with torrents on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch get iTransmission4 cydia tweak. This also available for iOS 7.

cydia tweak 8

Piano passcode cydia tweak

With piano passcode you can unlock your idevice with piano music. May have some conflicts with other lockscreen/passcode tweaks. Don’t forget to un-mute your device. Configure options from Settings app.

cydia tweak 9

SMS on GV cydia tweak

SMS on GV is a Mobile Substrate extension that integrates Google Voice SMS into the iPhone messages app. There are some issues and limitations.

When this tweak is installed, iMessages Picture Send does NOT work. The text send and receive as well as Picture receive work. It is very likely that MMS has the same issue. It is unlikely that this will be fixed any time soon. The tweak is NOT work on iPod. It may be due to the reason that SMS is disabled on iPod’s Messages app. This mean that it will not work on Wifi only iPads. While it is possible that it will work on 3G enabled iPads.Configure options from Settings.

cydia tweak 10

FakeMyi cydia tweak

This application lets you change or add information on SMS Conversation, Call History or your GPS Location. After installing then launch FakeMyi icon from SpringBoard. It will show current GPS, current SMS Conversation and Call History. You can click each data to modify or can add new record.

cydia tweak 11

Bigify+ cydia tweak

In addition to Bigify, which is free, here is Bigify+. Bigify+ is even bigger than Bigify. It can make your icons look blue and icy, inverted and strange, even cracked like pavement. We added many new features like a preview window, a colorizer, and textures.No new icons are added to your homescreen. Options are configured from Settings app.

cydia tweak 12

Autopano cydia tweak

Autopano allow you to automatically take panoramic photos using the vibration system of your iPhone. It supports any app with this feature and also the native function introduced by Apple in iOS 6. If you want to take a 180° or 360° panoramic photo select it. Select the time after which your iPhone will automatically start to rotate. Place your iPhone in an upright position on a level and smooth surface. Automatic rotation requires iPhone 5. NotificationCenter icon can be enabled from the Settings app, in the Notifications panel.

cydia tweak 13