WWDC 2014 will click off – Launch iOS 8 with Awesome Features and redesigned OS X 10.10

WWDC 2014


WorldWide Developers Conference ( WWDC )2014 will be held on  2nd of June to 6th of June at San Francisco, California. According to the information the keynote of the WWDC roundup is OS X 10.10 and iOS 8. But there are many other important topics such as about new hardware and vamped Apple TV and iWatch.

While the event, there are some workshops for the developers, the company tipically uses. This is the opportunity to launch operating system upgrades and new terms. First day of the conference is for the keynote from Apple and to share information about operating system updates, new services and new productd.

New Software updates – iOS 8

According to the information, It may focus on the major visual updates which introduced with iOS 7 and new functionality to the iOS 8. Siri and Maps improvements are the key features on iOS 8. The health book app which collect various fitness and health information. According to the roumers Apple will introduce improved third party app integration for Siri and Maps gain public transit option. Along with roumed iTunes Radio also be seperated out with its own app in iOS 8. There is a hint from Apple, that a new mobile payments system is also available


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This is the most significant new application with iOS 8, Healthbook. This is a collection of  information about fitness and health. User will be able to customize the helthbook information and visuals. It will give you valuable statistics about health. There are many data with various blood work details, heart rate, blood preassure, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, weight etc.

Improved Maps

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For iOS 8 Apple planned to improve the features in mapping software. In addition to this Apple update the app with reliable and plentiful data, tweaked cartography, more clear labeling and improved notation of bus stops, train stations, air ports. There is another major improved feature, It’s Public Transit Directions. In this app iOS 8 will let you to find out the special places alongside the searching roads.

Siri – iOS 8

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Siri lets you to use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls etc. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. According to information, Apple’s virtual assistant and voice-recognition feature has been updated.

iTunes Radio

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Along as roumers in iOS 8, They will seperated out the music app iTunes Radio into it’s own application.

Game Center

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Roumers say that Apple is considering remove the Game Center application from iOS and OS X and including another functionality and approach to the games, Instead of centering around the Game Center app.