Apple Released OS X Yosemite beta 2 and iTunes 12 to the Public

os x yosemite


Apple has been released OS X Yosemite beta 2 new updated version and redesigned new iTunes 12 build for Yosemite yesterday. This is the second beta version of OS X yosemite for the Macs. This new Apple mac operating system and iTunes 12 bundle are now available to download through the Mac app store

Apple released Yosemite beta 2 to the public in two different build numbers. They are ’14A329r’ and ’14A329f’. In new iTunes 12 you can enjoy new features in it. There are many significant new additions in icons, music, television programmes, movies and many other apps on new iTunes. Now you can refer all albums in an one windows with updated iTunes 12 beta

OS X Yosemite beta 2 supported Macs

  • Mac Book
  • Mac Book Air
  • Mac Book Mini
  • iMac
  • Mac Book Pro
  • Mac Pro

In yosemite updated beta 2 version has been fixed some issues on the first version of OS X yosemite. Some of they are fix the error on Mac app store disables on family sharing, fix unclear icons and buttons on interfaces and dialogue boxes, change the features for twitter and messaging with yosemite. They also add some improvements on safari. So enjoy Appel’s new mac OS Yosemite public beta 2 on your mac

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