iOS 9.1 beta Released for Developers

ios 9.1

Apple has been released thier first beta version of iOS 9.1 to the registered people. If you registered in Apple too, you can get the new beta update for your idevices. They developed this to fix errors in iOS 9 major release. Though now we can get the iOS 9.1 experience as developers and they will release it to the public soon.

When you registered the devices with Apple, you can go through Settings > General > Software Updates and get the beta release of iOS 9.1.It includes those improvements and additions in iOS 9 and also contained bug fixes and error fixes for iOS 9.1. The lag of iOS 9, the issue in security were fixed for iOS 9.1 download with this beta update.

There was a problem in iOS 9 release when it works on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 devices. Some stucks, lag performance and minor issues. They will have been fixed above issues in iOS 9. So download iOS 9.1 will available near day. Stay with us for new updates

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