Latest Features in iOS 8.3 Updated Apple OS

iOS 8.3 is the latest iOS version that would be release in near future. Apple has been released four beta updates of iOS 8.3 few days ago. So we hope to check what are the updates and improvements in iOS 8.3 according to the iOS 8.3 beta downloads

Featured Apple Car Play

Apple car play is one of the best features in last iOS updates. But you have to use an USB cable to connect your iphone, ipad or ipod to the vehicle. With iOS 8.3, you enable to connect the device to the computer through wi-fi. No need cables or any other. Now it’s going to be wireless carplay app with iOS 8.3




Siri is now more developed in calling. In earlier iOS versions, siri unable to turn on the speakers before or while calling. In iOS 8.3 siri enable to turn on the speakers while calling and enable to get the speaker calls successfully.

Apple Emoji



Apple added new emotions in Apple emoji. They’ve been added many new attractive emoji pictures in it. It’s included family emoji pictures, couple emoji pictures, various skin tones emojis and more new pictures

Other improvements on iOS 8.3

They also added some new laguages and countries into siri. India, Thai, swedish, Netherlands, Dutch, Turkish and more. Now you can new updated keyboards on iOS 8.3 download. It’s easy to use than ever. Appearance and features in iOS 8.3 keyboards are improven. It also fetured with the new app called Conversation list filtering. Google two step verification also available on this latest iOS 8.3 version

Still they’ve not mentioned the date when Apple release iOS 8.3 to the public. But we can guess that they will be release iOS 8.3 download around 24th April. Because Apple ready to release Apple watch in 24th of April 2015. Follow us for get new updates quickly on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Book mark us and visit us for latest iOS updates.

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