PanGu 1.1 Download with PanGu Boot Loop Bug Fix

pangu boot loop bug

Download PanGu 1.1 for iOS 7.1 Jailbreak

PanGu 1.1 download is the new untethered 7.1 Jailbreak tool by chinese jailbreakers PanGu Team. At first they released PanGu 1.0 only for Windows users. After few days they released PanGu update, PanGu 1.1 to the public. They released PanGu 1.1 Mac version and PanGu 1.1 Windows version. It also compatible to Apple’s new update iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak.

In updated PanGu download they fix some errors including Download PanGu boot loop bug. They mainly told that they fox this boot loop error in PanGu v1.1. Some Reddit users complained the boot loop bug effect after the PnaGu jailbreak.

Then PanGu team updated their new tool into Jailbreak PanGu 1.1 with boot loop bug fix, Addition of online verification and Programme size subtraction. But some iphone 4 users complained that still they have to face PanGu boot loop bug after PanGu 1.1 Jailbreak process on their iphones.

Fix PanGu boot loop bugĀ – Video Tutorial

Follow the above video guide to fix the PanGu boot loop error to a certain extent. It let you to use your idevices without mess. PanGu team will update their 7.1 Jailbreak tool to fix other errors and Pangu boot loop bug.

PanGu Jailbreak developed by PanGu Team


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