Download Cydia iOS 11.0.2 Tweaks for iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X

Towards the celebratory of the 10th year, iPhone has named official with “X” which is introducing the new experience for those Apple users. The main product under this concept, iPhone X draws a mostly different image with a bundle of amazing upgrades. So with this new “X” era, here we are going to take a look at this new product, Software updates for it and mainly  download Cydia iOS 11.0.2 on iPhone X as well as iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices too. If you wish to hands with this, read on to get more highlights, for a proper iPhone X management.

download cydia iOS 11.0.1 on iPhone X

As the introduction by Apple reveals, their new product iPhone X is the only possible mobile experience where meet thousands of technology facts. So download Cydia on it, will support to feel the best of this device all sides. Change apps, themes, make backups, make more differences on your iPhone as you wish with Cydia tweaks. We cannot list those features by Cydia because there are thousands.

Get to know iPhone X – event, price, iPhone X features and more

As planned, the release of the iPhone X occurred on day 12 at the Steve Jobs’s Theater event. Although it was focused on the iPhone, the launch of the “X” edition was not alone because it also introduced the iPhone 8/8 Plus, the iOS 11 download launch, the Apple clock with LTE connections and Apple’s Apple 4K TV.

Unlike the usual update of an iPhone, the new X edition has many changes. In fact, it’s a new design with front screen, glass body, wireless charging, new Face ID technology and more. Although the trio of the latest iPhones shares some of the inner features of a majority, the iPhone X is unique. To make you better know the new member, watch the video posted by Apple.

Although the iPhone X is now official, it will open for pre-orders from October 27th. And regarding shipping confirmations will begin from November 3rd. As more, the price comes as $999 for 64GB and $1,150 for the 256 GB.

Download Cydia iOS 11.0.2 – Most recent update

As you know, Cydia is the only third-party apps for iOS devices except for Apple app store. And it contains more different, outlandish and strange apps than original app stores. So many of users like to Download Cydia apps on their devices. A few years ago, the jailbreak was the only way to make a download of those external apps. But now it’s not. Few easy ways have come out to get apps and tweaks for the iDevices from bundled Cydia.

Online Cydia download is the best method for now. Since iOS 10 and 11 releases haven’t jailbroken yet, you can use this method to make a semi jailbreak on your mobile. This is an online Cydia download way which compatibles on any of iDevice models and any of iOS versions. It has been developed by an Italian iOS hackers for personal use. So you can download Cydia iOS 11.0.2 and below versions for newest iPhone X, 8/8 Plus and all devices later iPhone 4. Till it will jailbreak roll out, this is the best way to download Cydia on your iDevice until you make a reboot. Enjoy Cydia.